5270 NY Wing Tip Derby

5270 NY Wing Tip Derby

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A slender, modern silhouette makes our wingtip derby the perfect compliment for your business and business casual attire. 

Construction: Goodyear Welt.

Last:  NY Last.  For more info click here 

Sizing: US 8-15 and Widths B to EEE   For more info click here 

Welt: The welt is also referred to as the color of the edge of the sole 

Outsole options: 

LL Double Oak Leather  (recommended)

LL Rubber Studded   

Made in England, Dainite Rubber Studded (+$30)

Tanned in Germany, JR Double Oak (+$60)                   

Upper Leather: We develop and make our own suede and full grain calf leathers for our uppers.

Lining: Vegetable tanned natural lining.