M.T.O. (Made To Order),  The Smart Way!

After working in the industry for many years, we’ve learned that the best way to offer fair prices is by ensuring that our supply chain is as efficient as possible. We don’t spare any details when it comes to materials and production methods, you’ll get the best leathers and construction available at much lower prices than what can be offered by traditional retailers. We’re able to do this by not carrying expensive inventory or producing products that may end up going unsold. 

By planning ahead, you’ll avoid traditional retail markups. Manufacturing to meet the needs of our customers without holding stock ensures you get the best deals on the most luxurious, high-end pieces. Carrying inventory adds an extra layer of costs that ends up affecting the retail price you pay in various ways. Inventory occupies warehouse space which is added to the cost structure. It also requires high upfront investment that needs to be backed by high profit margins in order to be sustainable. Not only it is economically inefficient but also environmentally harmful as it increases waste, energy, and fuel consumption.