Leather Lately Stylist Program


We want to turn our customers shopping into an experience that is unlike anything else in the world in terms of quality, service and value. In order to do this, we realize the need to partner with individuals who are passionate about the same things we are.


That's where you come in.


We are building a network of Business partners across the country that will ensure the highest quality of service, customized fit and personal attention to our clients.

Our program welcomes two types of professionals:

1. In-Person Leather Stylists
2. Digital Style Influencers

IN-PERSON LEATHER STYLISTS are professionals that personally meet with the customers to show them the choices of models and leathers to chose from and physically take their measures to order the shoes. To become an In-Person Leather Stylist, you must do 2 things:

> Invest in your samples kit HERE

> Sign in to our leather stylist dashboard here.

DIGITAL STYLE INFLUENCERS are generally bloggers and online influencers that use social media to promote our brand. To become a Digital Style Influencer, you must:

> Sign in to our leather stylist dashboard here.