What materials do you use?

For a description on the hides used on all our shoe and boot uppers, please visit the section on "Our Leather" on our website.

What size should I order for boots or casual shoes?

Boots and Casual Derby.- A rounded toe last that provides a modern look and feel. For a more snug feel, go down 1/2 a size, especially if you plan on wearing them with thin socks only. 

If you mostly wear your boots in inclement weather and with thick socks, stick to your normal shoe size. We always include a free pair of vegetable-tanned leather insoles about 3mm in thickness which help minimize sizing discrepancies. 

Follow this guide when ordering any of our Boots, the 1660 Wing Tip Derby, and the 5264 Plain Toe Derby

What size men's dress shoe should I order?

Dress Oxfords and Derby shoes.- A refined shape featuring a more sleek toe point. Expect shoes built on this shape to be roomy in both length and width, though they fit true to size. When compared to the Allen Edmonds 65 Last, our shoes built on the 1800 Last are extremely similar in length, although you will feel a slight difference in width, especially when ordering shoes with open-lacing (Derby). 

We always include a free pair of vegetable-tanned leather insoles about 3mm in thickness which help minimize sizing discrepancies. 

Follow this guide when ordering our 5001, 5245, 5270, 5286, 5294 and 5295 dress shoe models.

If you need guidance with choosing your size, no problem, just email us at hello@leatherlately.com and we will be happy to assist you.


Why Made To Order helps to bring the costs down?

After working in the industry for many years, we’ve learned that the best way to offer fair prices is by ensuring that our supply chain is as efficient as possible. We don’t spare any details when it comes to materials and production methods, you’ll get the best leathers and constructions available at much lower prices than what can be offered by traditional retailers. We’re able to do this by not carrying expensive inventory or producing products that may end up going unsold. 

By planning ahead, you will avoid traditional retail markups. Manufacturing to meet the needs of you, our customers, without holding stock ensures you get the best deals on the most luxurious, high-end pieces. Carrying inventory adds an extra layer of costs that ends up affecting the retail price you pay in various ways. Inventory occupies warehouse space which is added to the cost structure. It also requires high upfront investment that needs to be backed by high profit margins in order to be sustainable. Not only it is economically inefficient but also environmentally harmful as it increases waste, energy, and fuel consumption.

What are the options for color and styles?

We can make any style in any color. We are an emerging shoe company. Creating examples of all the possible combinations is a daunting task. We are working on it, but for now, please know we can make any shoe style in just about any color! We hand stain and finish our shoes and always try to create that special look: the look of real rich leather.

Please specify in the comments box at check out the color or options you want. Please contact us at hello@leatherlately.com if you have any questions. We are here to help and guide you on your next pair of handcrafted MTO boots and shoes.


What are the options for personalization?

As a Standard feature, we emboss the name of each customer on the insole or the monogram or any message that fits in the area. (specify at check out)


We also offer personalized monograms in our leather outsoles, See the photo below on Outsole Options, This pair was made for our friend Nick R. K.!!  

 ***For personalized monogrammed outsoles we do not accept returns. so we suggest you do this on your second pair, once you are sure of your size***


What are the options for outsoles?

For our dress shoes (NY Last), we use a standard double oak leather outsole, that is hand stained. Please note there most likely will be slight color variations in our unique one-of-a-kind products as they are done by hand by our wonderful artisans. 

 For our Boots and casual Derby's (London last), we use a double oak leather outsole with a commando style rubber insert for extended wear and grip.


For both boots and shoes, we can offer a rubber outsole with a studded design. This is a durable formulation developed by us that has excellent bounce (softer rubber) for comfort and grip as well as a good standard for durability.



We also offer original Dainite Outsoles Made in England



JR Double Oak Outsoles made in Germany



What are the options for the Leather Welt?

We offer our vegetable tanned leather welt in two finishes, Natural (left shoe) and Stained (right boot)



We have a third welt option, a double stitched Rustic Welt



Do you use cork as a filler?

Yes, nothing but the best, all-natural cork filler between the vegetable leather outsole and the upper.

Do you use a steel shank?

Yes, we use a steel shank. We believe this is the best option for arch support and longevity of your shoes!

Worried about going through metal detectors? 

"I travel quite often with my favorite 1660 Longwing Tip Derby's, I am TSA Pre, so I don't have to take my shoes off and when I go through metal detectors,  I have no problem!!"  Pablo U., founder LL 

Why do you include a free pair of leather Insoles?

We believe in the perfect most comfortable fit.  Use them but never lose them, (use them on your old shoes to make them more durable!). 

By having this add on insoles, we increase the chance of a perfect fit.  Use them if the boot is a bit loose and you want a tighter fit, use them in another of your old pairs or save as a future replacement if the boots or shoes fit you great from the start.

Vegetable leather insoles conform to the shape of your feet and create the perfect fit, making your shoes comfortable from the start and in the long run.


Where are your products made?

We make our products in Leon Mexico, regarded by many in the industry as the shoe capital of the world. More than 200 million pairs of shoes are made in this footwear cluster and the best Goodyear Welted boots (and lots of Cowboy boots) are made in the city. Being close to the U.S. raw materials and to the North American market makes it possible to make made to order high-quality men's shoes in a reasonable time at an unbeatable cost. 

Is the factory ethically responsible?

YES! Our goal is to work solely with family-owned, ethically responsible factories. Our requirements include the highest quality standards, best manufacturing practices, and fair/ethical working conditions. Our pledge to you is that we will work with the best suppliers to guarantee that you will always receive the best value, while never supporting sweatshops or unfair manufacturing conditions.

 If you have any other question, please feel free to contact us at  hello@leatherlately.com  We will be more than happy to hear from you.