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The quality of any product can be determined by 3 things; the raw materials (the ingridients), the method in which you want to use them (the recipe)  and the way you use them (the execution).  We want to be transparent in all aspects of our business and explain what we do.


LEATHER.- Leather is a by-product of the meat industry 

What is leather?

-What is tanning?  Hides.- the hides is a byproduct of the meat industry, as an old master tanner told me once, "as long as people eat meet there will be hides available to make leather". No one ever sacrifices a cow or steer or bull because of the hide. The hide is a small percentage of the value of cow. 

Now, there are many different qualities when it comes to the hides, and this depend basically on:

The race of the cattle (you know, there are Holstein, Angus, Cebu with their jumps etc etc).

The place where they were raised. Quality of the hide also depend on where the cattle was brought up (the weather and external conditions environment), in warmer weather there are more insect bytes that affect the quality of the hide. In a small bar wired feedlot there could be scratches to the skin. In a cold weather open space the beef have less chance of getting skin damage.

The Age and Sex of the cattle.-  there are differences between a cow who has given birth multiple times and her skin has stretched many times and a steer that is young and fit. Usually cowhide is used for soft and thin upholstery leather and steers are used for thicker cleaner and tougher leather. A young Calf skin is used for very fine high end leather.

Leather is the term used for a hide that has been tanned and turned into a product ready to use for a final shed product (shoes, leather goods, upholstery, etc.)

Tanning is the chemical process applied to a hide to stop its natural decomposition. There are different types of tanning.-

Veg tan tanning

Chrome tanning

Synthetic tanning 


Re-tanning and dyeing (coloring)


Finishing operations



Premium Leathers Make Premium Products

Everybody knows that when you have premium raw materials its easier to create quality.


Upper Leather


Lining Leather