The world's best material for shoes

What is the world's best material for shoes?  Leather, no doubt.

Leather is a durable and flexible material created by tanning animal rawhide and skin, often cattle hide.  Leather is the term used for a hide that has been tanned and turned into a product ready to use for a final shed product (shoes, leather goods, upholstery, etc.)

Tanning is the chemical process applied to a hide to stop its natural decomposition. There are different types of tanning:  Veg tan tanning, Chrome tanning, Synthetic tanning. 

It is important to understand that rawhides are a byproduct of the meat industry.  Long time ago, an old master tanner explained to me... "as long as people eat meet there will be hides available to make leather,  no one ever sacrifices a cow or steer because of the hide. The hide is a small percentage of the value of the animal and it his processed in order to make it useful"  And what a lesson, I remember thinking then that leather was actually an eco product in the sense that if we did not use the skins of the animals there would be a huge disposal problem in the world causing terrible decomposition problems and pollution.

Leather is a noble material that has many valuable properties for footwear. First it has bad memory, it conforms to the shape of your feet and it does not go back, thats why a lot of us have thought at one point or another of our lives that our favorite shoes are one pair of old shoes. Leather is also breathable, it allow the feet to get rid of the moisture we generate. An ultimately, leather is durable, good tanned leather will aged gracefully and will last you a long time. Because of this, I believe leather is the best material for shoes.

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