Why some mens shoes cost up to $1000 dollars?

Why some mens shoes cost up to $1000 dollars?

Have you ever wonder why some high quality men's shoes cost up to a thousand dollars? 

An important factor in how much you pay for a pair of shoes and how long they'll last is based on their materials and their construction method. We don't usually know what we are getting, as in the store shoes might look the same, but we must pay close attention to the materials and the construction method.

Before we move on it is important that we understand the basic parts of a shoe:

The upper – This is the leather that is seen above the sole when a shoe is worn. 

The insole – This is the material on the inside of the shoe with which the foot is in contact when the shoe is being worn.

The welt– On better-constructed shoes, the welt is a strip of leather which runs along the perimeter of the outsole. Its primary function is for attaching the upper to the midsole or to the outsole.

The midsole - This is the material that it is stitched to the welt

The outsole – This is the material on the bottom and exterior of the sole and is what comes in contact with the ground while walking.

So when we hear of a Goodyear Welted shoe it refers to a shoe that it is constructed using a strip of leather, rubber or plastic that runs along the perimeter of a shoe outsole.  The machinery used for the process was invented in 1869 by Charles Goodyear, Jr., the son of Charles Goodyear. Making a shoe with this method it is time-consuming by modern standards nevertheless Goodyear welted construction is still considered one of the finest methods of shoe construction.


The result is highly valued for being relatively waterproof by minimizing water penetration into the insole and the relative ease of resoling. The extra layers also make the shoes more supportive. 

Because the welt holds with the stitching the upper and the misdole/outsole,  removing the old sole and attaching a new one can be done easily in a local repair shop.  Welted shoes are more expensive to manufacture than those mass produced by automated machinery with molded soles.

And thats why the best men's shoes in the world are goodyear welted and thats why some of them cost up to 1,000 usd.  Fortunately, Leather Lately has found a way to bypass all the unnecessary costs of marketing and traditional distribution and develop a business to offer great quality goodyear welted shoes at a reasonable price.

So next time you get a pair of shoes, ask yourself, Am I getting the best possible shoe? 

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August 29, 2017 by Pablo Uriegas
The world's best material for shoes

The world's best material for shoes

What is the world's best material for shoes?  Leather, no doubt.

Leather is a durable and flexible material created by tanning animal rawhide and skin, often cattle hide.  Leather is the term used for a hide that has been tanned and turned into a product ready to use for a final shed product (shoes, leather goods, upholstery, etc.)

Tanning is the chemical process applied to a hide to stop its natural decomposition. There are different types of tanning:  Veg tan tanning, Chrome tanning, Synthetic tanning. 

It is important to understand that rawhides are a byproduct of the meat industry.  Long time ago, an old master tanner explained to me... "as long as people eat meet there will be hides available to make leather,  no one ever sacrifices a cow or steer because of the hide. The hide is a small percentage of the value of the animal and it his processed in order to make it useful"  And what a lesson, I remember thinking then that leather was actually an eco product in the sense that if we did not use the skins of the animals there would be a huge disposal problem in the world causing terrible decomposition problems and pollution.

Leather is a noble material that has many valuable properties for footwear. First it has bad memory, it conforms to the shape of your feet and it does not go back, thats why a lot of us have thought at one point or another of our lives that our favorite shoes are one pair of old shoes. Leather is also breathable, it allow the feet to get rid of the moisture we generate. An ultimately, leather is durable, good tanned leather will aged gracefully and will last you a long time. Because of this, I believe leather is the best material for shoes.

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August 28, 2017 by Pablo Uriegas